Four Themes You’ll Encounter on This Blog

1. Trying Is Not Failing

2. Use What You Have to Do What You Love.

Don’t spend money on your side hustle if you can achieve the same results using what you already have. 

Why? For three reasons:

  1.  Until your idea is tested and proven viable, it’s an experiment. All good ideas start as experiments. Remember how the light bulb was invented?
  2. Constraints are catalysts to innovation and creativity. Embrace the challenge of starting your side gig using what resources you have already.
  3. Spending money you don’t have is not winning. It only puts you behind before you start.

    3. Opportunities are everywhere. Find yours.

    I believe opportunities, large and small, are available to anyone who looks for them. If you haven’t found yours, keep looking.

    What’s your side hustle and why did you choose it?
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Twenty Years of Side Hustling

My side hustle adventures began (officially) after my first son was born more than twenty years ago. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area where my 80-mile round trip commute through clogged freeways each day was unbearable. Being so far separated from my infant son was worse. But, I couldn’t up-and-quit to stay home fulltime because we had a financial debt to pay first.

Fortunately, I was laid off. Getting laid off isn’t something you hope for. But, in my case, it was a blessing; it pushed me to find a better paying job, one that would lead to freedom from cubicle life.

My next job paid double what I was earning, which put my husband and me on a fast-track to pay off our debt in 15 months. And I exited cubicle life–forever.


And that was my last “real” job.

I love having the freedom to live first, work second. And that’s what I want for you too! 

Today, I focus on blogging, offering copy editing and proofreading services, reselling thrift store treasures, and dog-sitting my favorite neighborhood pups.

My side hustles cushion our income

I’m not here to tell you how to make six figures with your side hustle. Honestly, I’m better at saving money than making money. My side hustle income buffers us against the rising cost of living in the fourth most expensive state in the United States and helps us to grow our savings. Every little bit helps, right? Our vision is to continue making money on the side well into our retirement years.  

Thanks for being here.

I’m thrilled to be in amongst you who want to live life your way.

Opportunities are everywhere. Find yours. And, please join my list so we can keep the hustle going!