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My Honest Review After Completing Proofread Anywhere

If you’ve heard of Proofread Anywhere, but wonder if it’s a “real” course, then keep reading. I was where you are; wringing my hands over whether or not to enroll in Proofread Anywhere’s General Proofreading: Theory and Practice. I wondered if it teaches actual proofreading skills or it just marketing fluff. I circled this course for a few weeks, perhaps months before I committed to completing it. I watched as many videos as I could find, including this one (affiliate). And read as many different reviews as I could. Honestly, I can no longer remember what pushed me out of my indecision malaise. It might have been my need for accountability. Whatever it was, I leaped.

The purpose of this review is to help you decide whether or not proofreading is the right side hustle for you.

Since you’re here, I guess you’re the bottom-line sort who’s looking for facts about the course rather than “how this course changed my life” stories, not that anything is wrong with those. But, this review of Proofread Anywhere is for straight-shooting bottom-liners who want reliable information. Is that you? Then please keep reading.

Hard Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Enroll in Proofread Anywhere’s General Proofreading: Theory & Practice Course

  1. Do you proofread for free but want to start a side business as a proofreader?
  2. Are you an author or blogger who wants to improve your writing?
  3. Are you a freelance writer who wants to offer proofreading services to your clients?
  4. Do you want to learn a side hustle that lets you work at home on our schedule?

If so, read this review, then seriously consider enrolling in the course. But first, read my disclosure.

Full Disclosure:

  • I purchased the full course.
  • I paid full price.
  • I completed every lesson, module, worksheet, and quiz.
  • I passed the final exam. (Students are required to score 92% or better.)
  • I completed the course at my own pace.
  • I bought this course to sharpen my proofreading skills and vet the course for my readers.
  • I am an affiliate for Proofread Anywhere.  This post includes affiliate links. If you click and buy, I’ll receive compensation.
  • This post is based solely on my experience at the time I completed the course. Your experience might differ, but I hope not. I recommend this course to anyone who’s serious about starting a side hustle as a proofreader.

What Is Proofread Anywhere’s General Proofreading: Theory & Practice?

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice is a self-paced e-course focused on teaching the student the art and craft of general proofreading with the aim of preparing you to start your side hustle as a proofreader. When you graduate from the course, you’ll have a firm grasp of English grammar, punctuation, word usage, the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), essential information for launching a freelance business, and how to find clients. You’ll see the complete list of modules included in this course.

I recommend that you watch the free webinar to get a description of the course directly from its creator, Caitlin Pyle.

What’s my background?

I’ve been using my bachelor of arts degree in media communication and minor in English to pursue writing, blogging, and proofreading side hustles for more than two decades. In other words, I’ve done plenty of writing and editing over the years. But, nearly all my work (and education) is Associated Press Stylebook-focused. The General Proofreading course, on the other hand, is based on the Chicago Manual of Style, and therefore it wasn’t a slam-dunk for me. On the final exam, I missed one punctuation error and one grammar error the first time. The good news is students get an opportunity to find their mistakes and resubmit their exam. If you don’t pass the first exam after making corrections, you’ll receive a second exam to try one more time. It’s a fair arrangement.

Who’s behind Proofread Anywhere?

Caitlin Pyle tells her story about how she came to create this course.

Who should enroll in Proofread Anywhere?

Do you need experience as a proofreader to take the course?

No, you don’t. If you have a love for reading and writing that’s all you need to get started. The course covers proofreading basics, methods, and practices, how to get your proofreader side hustle started. Take the quiz inside the webinar to check your proofreading skills before you commit to the course.

What’s does the course include?

The complete course includes modules. The lessons are simple, but the practice sheets are challenging. And the magic happens by completing the practice sheets. If you enroll in the Proofread Anywhere course, please do yourself a big favor and work diligently on the practice sheets, check your answers, open your CMOS book, your Webster’s Dictionary, and The best punctuation book, period. Of course, if you’re not serious about learning the art and craft of proofreading, then don’t do any of that.

If you are serious about earning money as a proofreader, please keep reading this review. Start here with this list of modules you will find inside the course. Each module includes anywhere from four to eleven lessons, which I haven’t listed. (I’m sorry I haven’t included screenshots, by I’m complying with Proofread Anywhere’s policy to not include screenshots of the lessons in my posts):

  • Module 1: Introduction to General Proofreading
  • Module 2: Get into the proofreading mindset
  • Module 3: Proofreading basics
  • Module 4: Proofreading methods + practice
  • Module 5: Turning proofreading into a business
  • Module 6: Looking for jobs
  • Module 7: Once you get the job
  • Module 8: Getting the most out of the freelancing life
  • Module 9: Ignite Plus exam

Once you buy the course, you may return to it anytime. I’ve returned to it several times, mainly while writing this review to make sure I’m giving you the best information I can. Caitlin Pyle speaks to this point in the webinar.

Bonuses included with the course & my favorite picks

Reading Material

  • The Mindset Mastery Guide, a 56-page workbook and audio motivational speech
  • 5 Mindset Shifts for Goal-Crushing Confidence: A 19-page ebook designed to help you overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Look Better in Writing: Handbook of Commonly Misused Words, plus a worksheet and answer sheet to quiz yourself.
  • The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide.  Caitlin is not a tax adviser. But, she did seek advice from a tax adviser. Seek tax advice from a tax pro. (I recommend this book that’s written by a CPA.)

Community & Accountability

  • 24/7 Access to PA Facebook Group for students. This Facebook group serves as your community while you’re completing the course. You can interact with other student proofreaders who are learning right alongside you, and graduates, like me, pop in to help too.
  • GP Marketing Mastermind Group. Once you pass the GP exam, you gain full access to a second Facebook group that’s specifically for course graduates. Inside this group is where you will bounce ideas off each other, network, and make new friends. (I expand on this point later. Read on, friend.)
  • Free 60-day access to Results Breakthrough Network (RBN) accountability partner program.
  • Free access to the Money Mindset Transformation workshop and workbook.

My favorite picks? The two Facebook groups are phenomenal. I can’t say enough good things about the people in these groups. They’re helpful, courteous, professional, and generous with their knowledge. I quickly connected with two grads, and we exchanged website proofreading services with each other. They each became references for me, and I for them.

The two Facebook groups add enormous value to this course.

How long will it take to complete this course?

The course is self-paced. Besides that, your access doesn’t expire. Some students enrolled before life events took over and they had to set it aside–for a year! As far as I know, they just logged in to pick up where they left off and kept going.

Take your time. Since you’re not required to complete the course within a specific time frame, you might as well take all the time you want to practice grammar and punctuation rules, review your answers, and take time to review the grammar and punctuation rules that cause you trouble over and over again.

How does this course compare to other classes?

Good question. I’ve completed other proofreading courses that are worth taking if you’re experimenting to see if you want to side hustle as a proofreader. But, none I’ve taken teaches proofreading skills and how to make money on the side as a proofreader.

Resources You Need for Proofread Anywhere

Resources That Will Help You But Aren’t Required

The Bottom Line

Proofread Anywhere is a REAL course that teaches both proofreading and how to start freelancing. The lesson practice sheets are challenging if you’re not already comfortable with English grammar and punctuation rules–and CMOS. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to make money on the side as a proofreader. Watch the free webinar to get more information before you decide to launch your next side hustle as a proofreader.

Did this review help you? Please let me know.



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