What If You Can’t Find Your Business Niche?

This post is a part of an experiment. I’m following Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog course to create this blog. After 27 days, I’ve almost completed Day One . Read my journal notes about the course as I go through it. P.S. Affiliate links exist inside this post.

Side Hustle Examiner is my sixth blog.

That’s hard to admit. If you think I’ve struggled to find my niche, you’re right.

I’m a generalist who loves dabbling in side hustles. But, I would have never told you I am a “side hustler” until one of my sons gave me that title. More on that in a moment.

I started creating side gigs for myself many years ago. My first website (no one said “blog”) was, Life Simplified, a personal organization blog designed to helped stay-at-home moms live a calmer, more purposeful life. (I no longer own the domain.) I wrote short articles which led to accepting invitations to offer coaching services, in-home organization consulting, and consignment sales on eBay. But, then we moved and I let my blog die.

I should have kept that blog.

My side hustle craving never ceased. I longed to create something online and to connect with other bloggers. To fill the void, I started a new blog …then another…then another. I worked and worked and worked at fitting into a niche.

Meanwhile, I sold advertising space for the magazine that encouraged me through our home education adventure, and (accidentally) started a direct sales business advocating essential oils, and accepted large consignments including one to sell a collection of 1980s Transformer toys. (It sold for more than $10k.) Even though my side gig experiments, as I called them, went well, I hadn’t found my niche.


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More Than A Hobby Blogger

I thought I was indecisive, easily bored, and utterly incapable of sticking with one thing long enough to call myself a successful small business owner. I felt discouraged. Would I always be a hobby blogger, nothing more?

Back to the Story About My Son

As a young adult, my son is beginning to tinker entrepreneurialism. Cars are his thing. During one of our evening chats about small business, I shared with him the vision I have for this blog. “You are a side hustler, Mom,” he said. “ That’s really what you do.”

News Flash! That was a pivotal moment for me.

I got busy building Side Hustle Examiner to help other generalists thrive in a world that preaches “specialize,” and “find your niche.”

There’s No Shame in Doing A Lot of Things

I created this blog for generalists like me with interests and skills that are a mile wide and an inch deep.

  • You do many things well, but nothing perfectly.
  • You go about learning something new until you learn enough, then move on.
  • You can talk about a range of topics but you go deep on none of them.
  • You love to start.
  • You struggle to finish.
  • Your heart is for helping.
  • You think making money is great, but it’s not everything.
  • And congratulations, by the way. You’re equipped to be a rock star side hustler.

Through this blogs and newsletter, I hope to bring you information about side hustles that are a natural fit for you. For example, proofreading is a fantastic way to earn money from home. But is it right for you? Read this find out.

My goal is to help you confidently reply
I do a lot of things
if someone asks what do you do?

Opportunities are everywhere. Find yours.

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*I followed Darren Rowse’s course, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog to stay on track while building THIS blog. I bought Darren’s course half-off during a Black Friday sale. I’m not an affiliate. In fact, I think he did away with his affiliate program. Anyway, visit his site to learn more about his course.

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